What is the irony in the name Delacroix in the lottery?

The name Delacroix also has some significance. This name, for instance, is French in origin and means “of the cross.” This evokes a sense of martyrdom but is the exact opposite of what happens in this story: Tessie Hutchinson wins the lottery but she is not a willing martyr, just a victim of this brutal festival.

How is Mrs Delacroix ironic?

Delacroix is ironic for she seemed to have more respect and interest in preserving the tradition than her friend’s life. This instance of irony shows that the villagers hold the power of tradition more important than the barbaric tradition of putting someone to death just for a “good harvest”.

What does Delacroix represent in the lottery?

The symbolic name of Delacroix, means “of the cross in Latin” (Dictionary.com). It also implied to Tessie Hutchison’s sacrificial killing. At the beginning of the story, Mrs. Delacroix gives the impression of being a friend to Mrs.

Why is the name Bentham ironic in the lottery?

Bentham is only mentioned once, and very briefly as Mr. Summers conducts the lottery, calling out names one by one. The name probably refers to Jeremy Bentham, the philosopher who founded the concept of utilitarianism; he believed that an action is utilitarian when it benefits more people than it harms.

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Why do they mispronounce Delacroix in the lottery?

Nebeker draws particular attention to Jackson’s elaboration that the villagers pronounce “Delacroix” (de-la-KWAH) as “Dellacroy.” In other words, argues Nebeker, the villagers are perverting the cross, the big Christian symbol of martyrdom: far from being a willing sacrifice, the lottery makes an absolutely unwilling,

Why is it ironic that Mrs Delacroix choose the largest stone?

Mrs. Delacroix (of the cross) does not refuse to throw stones; however, she can refuse to hit the mark. She picks a large stone because she doesn’t actually want to hit her friend.

What does graves symbolize in the lottery?

Graves, which is signaling tombstones, death and a cemetery. He is also the owner of the post office. As the Postmaster, he delivers the news, as well as with the lottery, he delivers the news of who will get stoned to death. When you read the story, you don’t suspect anything about the name Mr.

What does Martin symbolize in the lottery?

The name of Mr. Martin, who assists Mr. Summers by guarding the lottery box, originates from the Latin Martinus, which came from the Roman god Mars, “the protective godhead of the Latins” and the Roman god of war.

What does Mr Summers name symbolize in the lottery?

Mr. Summers is thus the central person in the lottery and the village as a whole, its “sun” so to speak, in full control on this “full-summer” day. But his name is also ironic, in that this “summer” brings with it not only light and warmth, but also, for one character, darkness and death.

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