How do I check my jackpot on Magnum Gold?

What is Magnum Jackpot gold?

4D Jackpot GOLD raises the fun factor even more, with more numbers involved and a separate multi-million-ringgit jackpot prize! … Pick a GOLDEN component – 1 x 2-digit number (from 00 to 19) Eg. 11.

How is Magnum 4D Jackpot calculated?

The Jackpot winnings will be calculated based on the buy amount and winning share of each winner, number of Jackpot winnings is based on only one M-System winner in that particular draw and particular system. You win when one or both of your 4D numbers matches one or more of the 23 winning numbers drawn.

How do you win a Magnum?

To win the highest prize amount in the Magnum 4D game, you need to match all the digits in the First Prize of the 4-digit number drawn in the same order.

Has anyone won Magnum life?

Magnum Life Grand Prize of RM1,000 every day for 20 years was won by a 29-year-old man from Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 who purchased his winning ticket at the Jalan Kuching agency. Lady luck certainly shone on the first Jackpot winner as his huge fortune came from the two numbers 7700 (2nd prize) and 4800 (3rd prize).

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How does Magnum 4D work?

Magnum 4D offers the classic 4D game – the player picks a 4 digit number and chooses the amount he wants to bet. There are “Big” and “Small” Forecasts. … If the last 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 5D number (or the last 5, 4, 3, or 2 digits of your 6D number) match the first prize number, you still get a prize.

How do you calculate Magnum life?

For a minimum bet of MYR1, Magnum Life is played by choosing 8 numbers from 1 to 36. MAG will draw 8 winning numbers and 2 bonus numbers and if the 8 chosen numbers match the 8 winning numbers, a lucky punter will win the first prize of MYR1,000 per day for 20 years (MYR7.

How do you calculate 4D winnings?

Your prize amount depends on the winning category, your bet amount and bet type. The prize tables below calculate the prize amount for every $1 bet.

Prize amounts for Ordinary Entry, System Entry or 4D Roll.

Prize Category Every $1 on Big bet Every $1 on Small bet
First $2000 $3000
Second $1000 $2000
Third $490 $800

How do you win 6D Jackpot?

A single 6-digit number is drawn from 000000 to 999999. To win the highest prize amount in the Sports Toto 6D game, you need to match all the digits in the 6-digit number drawn in the same order. The odds of winning this top prize amount is 1 in 1,000,000.

How does 4D work Malaysia?

To play, you just pick a 4-digit number, or 4D number, from 0000 to 9999. You win when the 4D number you picked matches one or more of the winning 4D numbers drawn by the operators.

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How do you play a 4D number?

To play 4D, select a four-digit number from 0000 to 9999. The minimum cost is $1, inclusive of GST. Draws take place every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm. 23 sets of winning 4D numbers across five prize categories are drawn each draw.

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