Frequent question: What is the best dice tray?

Is a dice tray worth it?

They are great when you have to roll dice and don’t want to knock over some components or space is limited. We sometimes set them up on opposite corners of the board so everyone can reach one tower. The trays are great if you need to hand dice over a lot. Also the felt dampens the sound a bit.

Are Wyrmwood dice good?

Ultra-Premium Dice: Wyrmwood

While it doesn’t have an enormous collection, Wyrmwood does have a few handfuls of options that are drop-dead gorgeous and super high quality. … For the most part, Wyrmwood favors muted tones over bold ones, but they’ll look good on any gaming table.

How do you decorate a dice tray?

Personalize your completed dice trays by adding custom logos, monograms, and gaming accents. In the case of wood trays, sand and stain them and also give a nice glossy wood finish. Opt for a simple wooden square, rectangle, hexagon, or octagon tray for a great geometrical decor statement.

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