Is Coushatta casino open after Hurricane?

Coushatta has been closed since Thursday, October 8, as a result of Hurricane Delta. “We’re very pleased to reopen this quickly after the storm and allow our associates to return to work,” said Scott Sirois, General Manager. “This means we’re able to reunite our associates’ families with their livelihoods.

Did Coushatta casino get damaged?

The storm killed 28 and caused an estimated $1.6 million in damages. … Sickey said that during the storm, the Coushatta Casino Resort sheltered approximately 100 tribal members as well as individuals from the National Guard, Cajun Navy, nearby local law enforcement and energy companies.

Can you smoke in Coushatta casino?

“Many of our guests have been asking for a smoke-free area to play slots and we are committed to providing the best guest service for our players,” stated the casino’s Director of Marketing Phil Ziegler. “We’ll be the only casino in the region to cater to both smokers and non-smokers.”

Are drinks free at Coushatta casino?

over a year ago. Yes most drinks are free at Coushatta … … i all ways just go to the bar when between slots or if we are both sitting together at some machines and the drink server cant get to us .

Does Coushatta have a parking garage?

Expanded Self-Parking

These new self-parking areas allow gaming guests easy access to the casino’s main entrance. They also give closer access to overnight guests at Grand Hotel or Seven Clans Hotel who prefer to self-park.

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