Do you have to wear a mask in Wendover Casinos?

While all Lottery retailers are strongly encouraged to pay prizes, they have the right to control their own cashflow and can refuse to pay a prize. For security reasons, the Lottery cannot force retailers to keep a specific amount of money on hand solely to pay prizes.

Should masks be worn in bars and restaurants during COVID-19?

Masks are currently recommended for employees and for customers as much as possible when not eating or drinking and when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. These masks (sometimes called cloth masks) are meant to protect other people in case the wearer is infected.

Does wearing a mask harm your health?

No, wearing a mask will not harm your health even if you are sick with a cold or allergies. If your mask gets too moist just make sure you are changing it regularly.

Does wearing a face mask cause dizziness and headaches?

Wearing a cloth mask will not cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and headaches (also known as hypercapnia or carbon dioxide toxicity). Carbon dioxide passes through the mask, it does not build up inside the mask.

Is it safe to eat from salad bars during the coronavirus outbreak?

In communities with sustained transmission of COVID-19, state and local health authorities have implemented social-distancing measures which discourage or prohibit dining in congregate settings. We also recommend discontinuing self-service buffets and salad bars until these measures are lifted.

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How bars and restaurants should proceed to protect customers from the coronavirus?

Limit seating capacity to allow for social distancing. Offer drive-through, curbside take out, or delivery options as applicable. Prioritize outdoor seating as much as possible. Ask customers to wait in their cars or away from the establishment while waiting to pick up food or when waiting to be seated.

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