Your question: Can you tile on top of Black Jack DPM?

Can you tile on DPM?

Refer to the Technical Data Sheet for detailed application instructions. As a multi-purpose product, BAL DPM can also be used as a one coat primer or as a two-coat waterproofing system. When sand-blinded, BAL DPM allows tiling onto difficult substrates such as steel.

Can you tile over blackjack DPM?

Just spoken to technical support at Everbuild and they agree that it’s not suitable for tiling HOWEVER keying a second coat and then putting on SBR bond should resolve the situation I’ve gotten myself into.

Can you plaster over Black Jack DPM?


Allow at least 48 hours before plastering or rendering (at least 6mm thickness) NOTE if gloss or alkyd paints are to be used as a decorative finish, the plaster over the BLACK JACK DPM must be applied in two coats to give a minimum total thickness of 15mm.

Does tile adhesive stick to concrete?

In most cases, it is OK to lay tiles directly onto concrete. But make sure the surface is free of any contaminants, dust, moisture, etc, as these can prevent the adhesive from bonding. If the concrete floor is not in good condition, or may be at risk of cracking, an uncoupling membrane is recommended.

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Can you tile on top of bitumen?

You can tile immediately on to contaminated, stained or cracked screeds and over bitumen.

Can blackjack be painted over?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Painters & Decorators. rizla_83 i would recommend a light coloured masonry paint, which is used for concrete and brick. As the blackjack paint is rubber enriched bitumen emulsion it may bleed through other paints so i would also recommend a primer coat of paint before painting with masonry.

How long does it take blackjack DPM to dry?

Allow each coat to dry before recoating: 12-24 hours depending on conditions. Full cure varies from 3-7 days depending on conditions. Full cure before burying is crucial.

Do I need to remove old adhesive before tiling?

Several types of adhesive are used to install flooring materials. … Remnants of this material are often still attached to the substrate after removing the old flooring. It is crucial that you remove any remaining adhesive before installing your new flooring to obtain the best results.

Do you need to remove old tile adhesive before tiling?

Over time tiles can get damaged and require replacing, and in during this removal process you’ll be left with old adhesive on the wall. Removing old adhesive is an essential part to replacing any tile.

Can you waterproof over old tile adhesive?

That old tile adhesive needs to be removed otherwise you will not have sufficient depth for your waterproofing membrane, tile adhesive and tile to ensure that you are level with the existing tiles & flush with your floor waste.

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