When did Jupiters Casino Gold Coast Open?

Jupiters Casino on the Gold Coast is located in Broadbeach and provides endless entertainment opportunities. It was Queensland’s first casino and officially opened in 1986. The entertainment complex features 8 bars, 7 restaurants, a ballroom, conference facilities, gym and a health spa.

What happened Jupiters casino?

Jupiters Hotel & Casino will cease to exist and the iconic 30-year-old gaming facility will be officially rebranded as The Star, Gold Coast in the second half of 2016.

What was the Star casino called before?

It also includes the 2,000 seat Sydney Lyric theatre and Event Centre.

The Star, Sydney
Previous names Star City Casino Sydney Harbour Casino
Renovated in 2009–2011 A$961 million
Coordinates 33°52.1′S 151°11.7′ECoordinates: 33°52.1′S 151°11.7′E
Website www.star.com.au

How much is the Star casino worth?

The $4.9 billion Star Entertainment Group, listed on the ASX, is Australia’s second-biggest casino company, operating casinos in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. At its flagship casino in Sydney, normalised gross revenue increased 17.5 per cent to $1.9 billion.

Who owns Jupiters casino?

Geoff Hogg is managing director of Star Entertainment Group Queensland, which runs Jupiters. He said the casino business had changed in the past 30 years.

Which African country was known as the Gold Coast?

The Gold Coast colony (as Ghana) became a dominion of the British Commonwealth (March 6, 1957) and achieved independence as the Republic of Ghana in 1960.

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Who owns the Gold Coast Casino?

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