Quick Answer: Who does Emerald Casino belong to?

Emerald Resort & Casino
Address 777 Frikkie Meyer Blvd, Vanderbijlpark, 1900, South Africa
Opening date 1997
Owner Caesars Entertainment
Website www.emeraldcasino.co.za

Who owns Emerald Resort and Casino?

Is Emerald Casino and Resort Open?

The Casino, Leisure areas and Animal World are open. Emerald Hotel is still available. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our guests and team members will be safe and we comply with the best Health and Safety practices. Click here for our detailed Health & Safety protocols.

How much is swimming at Aquadome?


Aquatic Casual 10 Visits
Adult Aquatic Entry $7.50 $67.50
Child / Concession Swim $6.00 $55.00
Child under 3 years FREE
Slide (Add on) $4.00

Is alcohol allowed at Emerald Resort?

We emphasise to our employees that consumption of alcohol is an adults-only activity, and require them to be vigilant in preventing individual under the legal age from consuming alcohol to any of our licensed outlets.

Are casinos open in Level 3?

Cinemas, theatres, galleries, museums, libraries, archives and casinos in South Africa are allowed to open again from Monday as the country moves to adjusted Level 3 lockdown.

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