Question: What is a pontoon bet?

A Pontoon is a bet consisting of 6 selections taking part in different events, which are numbered 1 to 6.

What is a bookies nightmare bet?

A Bookies Nightmare is a bet consisting of 9 selections taking part in different events, which are numbered 1 to 9. … The Bookies Nightmare Bet Calculator allows you to calculate the stake, return and profit for Bookies Nightmares, with the same comprehensive range of options available to the Free Bet Calculator.

What is a magnificent 7 bet?

A Magnificent 7 bet consists of 7 selections taking part in different events, which are numbered 1 to 7. Bets are formed by combining the selections into sequential multiples of 7 Singles, 6 Doubles, 5 Trebles, 4 Four-Folds, 3 Five-Folds, 2 Six-Folds, and an Accumulator:- Singles.

What is a five spot bet?

A Fivespot is a bet consisting of 5 selections taking part in different events, which are numbered 1 to 5.

How do you double on Betfred?

Betfred. Place a pre-match single bet on the first goalscorer market in any of the specified Double Delight & Hat-Trick Heaven games. Wait for your player to score and if they score a second you’ll get paid out at double the odds. If they score a third, have your first goalscorer bet paid out at treble the odds in cash …

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Is a patent the same as a round robin?

The patent offers the exact same betting option as the Round Robin. What Sports Are Best For Round Robin Betting? The most popular sports for Round Robin betting are horse racing and football, but it is also popular in most sports.

What is an any to come bet?

An any to come bet is also known as an “if cash” bet because it involves wagering on additional selections only if cash is won on an initial selection. up-and-down bet, which involves wagering the stake for a single selection on a second selection if the first one wins. …

How does an alphabet bet work?

An Alphabet Bet is named as you have 26 different bets from 6 selections, one for each letter of the alphabet. The bet is made up of a patent from the first three selections (7 bets) and a patent from the last three (7 bets). A yankee from selections two to five (10 bets) and a sixfold with all six selections.

How much does a super Heinz bet cost?

The Super Heinz Bet is a 7 selection wager consisting of 120 bets: 21 doubles, 35 trebles, 35 four-folds, 21 five-folds, 7 six-folds and a seven-fold accumulator. When you place a Super Heinz bet, you are placing 120 bets on seven different selections. A £1 win-only Super Heinz bet would, therefore, cost £120.

How do you work out horse racing odds?

The amount paid out is normally calculated in the following way:

  1. Dividing your total stake by the number of horses included in the dead heat.
  2. Multiplying that figure by the odds at which the bet was placed.
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How does a union jack bet work?

What is a Union Jack Bet? A bet on nine selections, consisting of between 8 and 80 bets depending on the type. Named after the Union Jack due to the way groupings are determined, by laying out the selections in a 3 by 3 grid then drawing lines vertically, horizontally and diagonally to find 8 groups of 3.

Does Betfred pay double results?

The Double Result concession is subject to a maximum pay-out enhancement of £5,000 above the original settlement amount had the concession not been applied. For example if the true settlement was £3,000 the revised settlement after applying the concession will be subject to a maximum of £8,000.

Does Boylesports pay first past post?

All bets placed on UK, Irish, South African and UAE horse racing only will be settled on First Past the Post AND the official result. This offer applies to winning single and multiple bets and the win part of Each-Way bets. There is no restriction on staking, and payouts are subject to our advertised payout limits.

What happens to bet if race is abandoned?

An abandoned or postponed event/match will be deemed void regardless of being rescheduled unless specifically stated in the rules. If a market has already been settled when the event is abandoned then the bet will stand. For example: first goal scorer bets that have already scored before the match was abandoned.

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