Can we play Sikkim Lottery online?

Can I play Sikkim Lottery online?

The Sikkim State Lottery offers the Dear Labhlaxmi draw, which takes place daily at 6:00pm, and has held various Bumper Lotteries to celebrate major calendar events and religious festivals. You cannot play the Sikkim Lottery online, but tickets can be bought from lottery agents across the state.

Which lottery is best in Sikkim?

Sikkim Dear Holi Bumper Lottery, formerly known as the Shri Holi Bumper, is one of the most popular Bumper lotteries in Sikkim. The first prize is 3 crore rupees and tickets cost Rs. 500.

How do I claim my Sikkim lottery?

To claim the prize money, citizens will have to :

  1. Fill in an Online Claim application form. …
  2. Candidates will have to fill in details on the application including the Name of the claimant, lottery name, Address details, prize amount, PAN No., contact no and other bank details.

How can I buy dear Lottery online?

Nagaland state lottery Dear Monthly Lottery 2020 is available you can buy it from PAYTM/PAYUMONEY from our website online. MRP is Rs 2000 you can book this lottery without any postal charges. Draw date 05-12-2020 you can download it easily from our website, Facebook Page, Application, and from the Email id.

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Can I buy Nagaland lottery online?

Nagaland Dear 2000 Monthly lottery 2020 is available you can buy it from PAYTM/PAYUMONEY/Google Tez/Phone Pe and from our website online. MRP is Rs 2000 Rs and Rs90 is our postal & packing charges. The total number of tickets is 1 Lakhs numbering from 00000 to 99999. Anyone from India can buy this lottery.

How do you play Dear weekly lottery?

Dear 1000 and Dear Super are monthly lotteries. The cost of a Dear Super ticket is 50 rupees, and the Dear 1000, as the name suggests, has a ticket costing 1,000 rupees. In both cases, players do not choose their numbers. Instead, they select a pre-printed ticket out of the entire lot for the respective drawing.

In which states of India lottery is banned?

As of 2019 lottery in India doesn’t have all India ban but all states have banned lotteries except for the 13 states that include Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland and Mizoram.

How can I buy lottery tickets online in India?

Buying Lotto India Tickets

  1. Visit the Play Lotto India page.
  2. Select the ‘Play Now’ button.
  3. On each panel you want to play, select six numbers from 1 to 50 and one Joker Ball number from 1 to 5. …
  4. Once you have chosen your numbers, select the purchase type – either a single entry or a subscription.
  5. Select ‘Add to Cart’

How do I claim my playwin prize?


Claim Form. Online Claim registration. If you have played our games at any of our Playwin retail outlet then kindly submit Original Ticket & Claim Receipt. Winners, who won prize using Playwin Card (Internet & Mobile app players), will have to submit original Playwin Card & Password.

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How do you claim a winning lottery ticket?

There are three ways to claim prizes $599 and under: visit a Lottery retailer, claim at a Lottery District Office or claim by mail. Option 1: Visit a Lottery Retailer Best Option! Take your winning ticket to a Lottery retailer and the clerk will hand you cash on the spot.

How do you play lottery online?

How Do You Play the Lottery Online?

  1. Step 1:Register with an online lottery site.
  2. Step 2: Choose the country you want to play in.
  3. Step 3: Choose which lottery you wish to play.
  4. Step 4: Pick your numbers.
  5. Step 5: Consider betting on the lottery through a online bookmaker.
  6. Step 6: Check the draw results.
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